Top Poker Movies on Netflix

We’ve gathered a few of the finest Poker films on Netflix today for those who are in the mood for seeing a poker film whilst gambling away in the tables. We can highly recommend you to utilize this 온라인홀덤 to receive a fantastic start in the tables. You may also get a free poker tournament entrance ticket! If you’re seeking different kinds of bonus codes, then we advise you to go over to hardbonuscode that has a summary of all types of bonus codes. Are you set for bonus codes? Great! Let us get going on the listing! Be constantly aware that not all the movies can be found in all Netflix areas.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

This iconic humor is well worth a watch for only the amusing amusement value and for its rocky British movie fashion. The film also provides a little bit of insight into the darker aspect of poker and how you can lose everything within an case. From the film, we follow a poker shark that a break for this by inputting a high bet underground poker match. He loses the match (since they cheat) and ends up due 500,000 lbs that will need to be repaid within a week. His buddies have backed him , so if he ends up dropping, they’re all in for a world of trouble.


This movie is much more of a documentary than a film, but it actually deserves a place on this listing. Back in KidPoker, we follow the life span of Poker pro-Daniel Negreanu and get a glimpse into his life and the way he’s managed to remain in the poker game for such a long time, racking lots of world championship games. Even when you aren’t a major fan of Daniel Negreanu, then it’s still worth a watch on account of the numerous insights it provides into the psychological game in poker.
This is a complete poker vintage set from the Old West. Maverick celebrities Mel Gibson who plays with Bret Maverick, a card-playing con artist who’s on his way into a large five-draw poker championship. The issue is that he needs to raise money to get enough for the purchase for the championship, so over the way he plays poker and scams. This, naturally, contributes to him end up in some tight situations. He eventually teams up with Annabelle who’s just another con artist. Together they can make it from those difficult situations using a few aces up their sleeves (no pun intended) and make it into the major tournament.


Any hardcore gambler or better will definitely have observed Rounders. Otherwise, you’re in for a treat! Matt Damon plays a poker shark which has pledged never to go back to playing poker after a bad defeat. This all changes when his buddy’Worm’ (played by Edward Norton) is released from prison and finds out that he’s a $25,000 gaming debt to’Teddy’ a KGB-affiliated bookie (Played by John Malkovich). The both of them come back to their older’tricks’, conning amateur poker players to attempt to raise the amount in time. On the waythey both be able to wind up in all sorts of troublesome conditions and it’s definitely a film worth viewing — if not only for the little poker tips shown during the film.