Batman: Knightfall (2012) Review


The inmates of Arkham Asylum have broken free and Batman needs to push himself into the limitations to re-apprehend that the Joker, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Killer Croc and much more. Pushed to the limits, ” he comes face-to-face contrary to the monstrosity called Bane, who produces a crippling blow destined to modify the Caped Crusader eternally!

Review: Knightfall is considered among the all-time amazing Batman tales and rightly so; it’s a really epic tale of the Dark Knight coming up from one of the deadliest foes: Bane.As far as I enjoyed The Dark Knight Rises I can not help but wonder how cool it might have been when it had utilized more from this narrative. Yes, it utilized a reasonable amount from this narrative but the 1 thing I adore about Knightfall is Batman being really pushed to his limits physically and emotionally.If the inevitable confrontation occurs between Batsy and Bane, it’s a battle for the ages. I can not help believing Bane is a small cheating bastard however; by releasing all Arkham’s offenders to check Batman’s steel, he is not fighting him in full strength. Ahead of Bane, Batman must confront The Joker, Scarecrow plus a complete rogues gallery so at the time they meet, he’s already exhausted.Whenever the Batman is broken up in which iconic minute, he’s paralyzed for several months. How will Gotham last with no own hero? Sorry Bruce, but it is Jean-Paul Valley’s turn to don the cape and cowl; he is much more barbarous and goes that extra mile which Bruce would never visit.Robin has his doubts regarding Jean-Paul because of his barbarous crime fighting approaches but it’s hard to argue with his or her methods. Actually, Robin is really a whiny little bitch in this narrative and actually ought to be pimp slapped out of the way.It requires Jean-Paul to make a completely different Bat-suit to eventually bring down Bane however he does it at a huge struggle in Gotham. They fight trains, buildings and crush up everything nice and proper.I’d have loved to visit Azrael/Jean-Paul from TDKR to shoot up Bruce’s mantle while he had been out of action because it actually adds an entirely new dynamic to the narrative. Everyone can function as Batman was one of the topics of this Dark Knight trilogy, after all. It is clear though why he was not brought to the narrative since it might have had too many roles, particularly using Azrael’s back-story.There’s loads of activity with Batman fighting virtually all his enemies and watching him becoming truly defeated remains among the very shocking comic book tales, which explains why it’s also riveting.In general, if you are a fan of Batman and sensed TDKR brief altered the personality then this is vital substance; currently to Volume 2…

The Expendables (2010) Graphic Novel Review


Following decades of corruption, murder of American hostages, along with betrayal of foreign policies, the US — with the help of different Nations who secretly collect a group of their most highly trained military personal — will ultimately attempt to overthrow the dictator who’s caused devastation in South America for over 20 years. This is actually the story before the story; Based on the 2010 film!


I just discovered that this graphic novel existed a few months ago, which reveals just how on the ball I am. As a fan of The Expendables movies I thought I would have a look; is it worth purchasing? It depends, I am a completist so anything Expendables associated I must have, nevertheless as a narrative there is not much to it and it is quite forgettable.
The art is pretty decent but none of the characters really look like the actors from the films. The worst is Lee Christmas who doesn’t seem anything like Jason Statham in any way. But, it’s a comic, not a picture album so that is nit-picking.
The best thing about The Expendables graphic novel is some of the back story we reach the characters, namely Gunnar (Dolph Lundgren).
We now get a true glimpse into how reckless he really is due to the drugs and we watch an angle which has been lacking from the movie. Lee Christmas pretty much can not stand him, referring to him as”Tweaker” all of the time.
Mostly high/drunk, Gunnar’s methods tend to cause more damage than good but sometimes he gets the right results so you see exactly how important he is to the team. Tool (Mickey Rourke) is as trendy as they come and also at one stage uses a flamethrower against some goons, which is arguably the highlight of the whole narrative.
Total, The Expendables image novel is a fun but minor read and if you are a completist then you should pick it up. It isn’t essential however and is pretty disgusting.

Batman: Noël (2011) Graphic Novel Review


Batman: Noël is The Dark Knight in his best and will be the perfect upgrade of A Christmas Carol.


Batman: Noël relies on Charles Dickens’ classic novel A Christmas Carol and contains characters from the Dickens and the Batman mythos. Much like Joker, the story is narrated by one of the Clown Prince’s henchmen.


Well,’tis the season and so what better way to celebrate the festive season in relation to a review of this graphic novel’Batman:’ Noël’?
I am somewhat new to the world of comics but within the last couple of months I have become a little obsessed Batman fan, and so I thought I would begin doing some testimonials for my favorites.
Batman: Noël grabbed my attention because I discovered that Ben Affleck’s costume for Batman vs. Superman is going to probably be based on this layout and I must say I approve. The Bat-Costume is black and gray and I could pretty much picture just what it’s going to look like.
The narrative is a Batman-themed form of the classic Dickens’ tale A Christmas Carol told ingeniously with Batman viewed as Scrooge and Bob Crachit viewed as a desperate criminal pressured to work for The Joker to assist his son’Tiny’ Tim. It is exemplified by Lee Bermejo, who formerly did the art ‘Joker’, which remains my all-time favourite comedian.
It is genuinely beautiful, making an otherworldly looking Gotham that resembles it is put in the Victorian age. The Gothic visuals match Batman flawlessly as most of us know, so I am surprised nobody has come up with this notion before.
The Dark Knight himself is at his meanest in this narrative because he does not have any shame for Bob’s situation, despite his dire conditions. So far as Batsy is worried it is all black and white: If you violate the law you are going down, no matter what.
He gets a visit from the Man of Steel himself, that comes to reveal Batman the error of his ways.
But following the Clown Prince of Crime comes together, Batman has a change of heart and saves the day, supplying Bob and Tim having a future.
The Joker himself is frightening, appearing like he did ‘Joker’ and he reminds me of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. A more grounded version but nevertheless completely insane.
Frankly, the only flaw I had with this story is the fact that it was too brief. It might have been 300 pages plus I would have loved every moment.
Like’Joker’ I will be studying’Batman:’ Noël’ repeatedly within the forthcoming months and years and when you are a Batman fan then it is pretty much essential to increase the collection.

Nothing Lasts Forever (1979) Review

Nothing Lasts Forever (1979 Novel) part two [PODCAST AUDIO ONLY–DISCUSSION]

Nothing Lasts Forever is well worth reading from sheer fascination and the template is appropriate there for Die Hard, but despite several similarities I would have to say I prefer the film whatsoever.


High atop a Los Angeles skyscraper, an office Christmas party becomes a deadly cage-match involving a lone nyc cop and a group of international terrorists. Every activity fan knows it might just function as volatile big-screen blockbuster Die Hard. However, before Bruce Willis withdrew crowds as unstoppable hero John McClane, writer Roderick Thorp pumped out thriller readers with all the bestseller that started everything.
A dozen heavily armed terrorists have taken hostages, issued requirements, and guaranteed bloodshed all according to plan. But they have not relied to a death-defying, one-man cavalry without the sneakers, no copy, without the intention of moving down readily. Since hot-headed cops swarm outside, and cold-blooded killers wield machine guns and rocket launchers indoors, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between anti-hero and uber-villains.


I wrote a post a couple of weeks back about nothing Lasts Forever became Die Hard so today I thought I’d review the book .
Story-wise it is pretty much like the traditional Bruce Willis film but like I mentioned before, some character names are distinct, notably Joe Leland who’d later be known as John McClane from the films.
Leland is rather an arrogant personality who doesn’t have a problem putting his gun about to get outcomes; in that respect he is very similar to John McClane and he’s almost as numerous one-liners. Leland never states that the”yippee-kiyay” line regrettably but you still root for him and he is still the likable everyman.
The book is nicely paced and it is hard to put down since you are desperate to find out what’s going to happen next. Writer Roderick Thorp understood how to make lots of tension and produced a story with a great deal of unpredictable twists and turns.
Tony (AKA Hans) Gruber is an intriguing villain but maybe not a well-developed because he’s in the film that’s quite odd. I really do like how he is not simply a thief but he’s basically penalizing KLAXON oil for doing fantastic bargains in Chile so he is even more of a crusader… he does things somewhat aggressively.
Al Powell is fairly identical to his film counterpart also assists Joe throughout his ordeal; however, the largest change is that the end.


If you have never read the book then do not read this next sentence, however it is no wonder that they changed the ending to this film. From the publication Tony Gruber has Leland’s daughter as a hostage, whereas at Die Hard it is John’s wife Holly.
From the publication during the last confrontation between Joe and Tony, it’s Joe using all the gun taped to his back (like the film ) and he shoots Tony but instead of Tony falling from the window and everyone living happily ever afterwards, Joe’s daughter drops from the window along with him… and dies! That is appropriate. Joe went through complete hell only so he could observe his daughter die in front of him.
It was ballsy as hell to perform a finish like that but when the film had finished that way then it might have failed in the box office. You do not wish to read a few hundred pages simply to see the hero neglect so that I had a significant issue with that.
Total, Nothing Lasts Forever is well worth reading from sheer fascination and the template is appropriate there for Die Hard, but despite several similarities I would have to say I like the movie whatsoever.